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Requirements for JavaView

JavaView runs on any computer and operating system which has a web browser with a valid Java_1.1 installation. The currently downloadable browser versions at Microsoft and Netscape are fine. For older versions see below.

The browser installation on Win/NT PCs and Macintosh computers usually do all necessary Java installations. On UNIX systems some additional setup might be necessary for each user, for example, a correct CLASSPATH - please, consult your system operator.

In Case of Problems

The initial download of the JavaView archive may need some time on slow connections. Between 300KB and 500KB must be transferred over the network until JavaView starts. This archive is transferred once. Other JavaView applets do not require a new download of the archive but use the version of the browser's cache.

General Rules

If there is no applet or geometry visible after some time, try the following steps:

  1. Browser Version: On MS-Windows and Unix assure that you have a browser with version number
       Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 and later
       Netscape Navigator 4.08 and later.

    On Apple Macintosh, see below in the MacOS.
    If you do not know your browser's version number, go to the following page which will list your browser properties.
  2. Enable Java: If you do not see the message "JavaView initializing ..." after some time, then your browser could not start JavaView. Maybe Java is not enabled in your browser, so check the menu entry Edit-Preferences-Advanced in Netscape or Extras-Internet Options-Advanced in Microsoft Internet Explorer whether your browser is Java enabled.
  3. Security Issues: If you do not see the message "JavaView initializing ..." after some time, there might be a security issue. Try open the Java Console of your browser via menu Communicator-Java Console or Communicator-Tools-Java Console or View-Java Console and look for the word Security. (Remark: on MS Internet Explorer the console must be enabled in the Preferences.) Security issues are a bit delicate for beginners to understand and you might want to ask an expert who knows about your operating system and the security policy. This has nothing to do with JavaView.

Windows Family

  1. Important Hint on javaview.exe: On MS-Windows, if you have an older version of the virtual machine then you will receive an error message when executing javaview.exe. Please, either upgrade the Internet Explorer which will also upgrade the JVM, or directly download a newer JVM from Microsoft.


  1. kaffe: for LINUX versions, we were told that the standalone version of JavaView does not run correctly under kaffe 1.04 but it seems to run ok with kaffe 1.05. This seems to be a bug in those implementations of Java.
  2. Problems with window sizes and popup-menus:

    Sun's JRE1.3.0_x and JRE1.3.1 on Linux with KDE 2.x, RedHat 7.1 or SuSE 7.2 sometimes has problems with window sizes and popup-menus. New windows open in arbitrary dimensions and popup-menus may not open at all or don't show any text or doesn't have any effect.

    Possible solutions:

    - Download and use the IBM Developer Kit and Runtime Environment instead of Sun's JRE (tested) or
    - Download and use the Blackdown 1.3.x FCS version of JRE instead of Sun's JRE or
    - Use the Enlightment window manager under the KDE desktop manager


    1. Java Runtime: you must have the Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1 or later. For more information see the page.

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